How Can Digital Signage Help Businesses Adapt to COVID-19? COVID-19 Digital Solutions

Jul 15, 2020 | COVID-19 Solutions

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the daily lives of people around the world. Both individuals and businesses have had to take serious measures to slow the spread of the virus and reduce its impact. Many businesses have had to change the way they operate and even bring in specialist equipment to ensure the safety of their staff and customers. Here, we discuss how digital signage technology is being used to help  businesses to operate safely as we embrace the ‘new normal’.  

1. Social distancing 

Before the pandemic, most of us have never heard or used the term ‘social distancing’, now it’s a central part of our day to day lives. Businesses have had to adapt to ensure that social distancing is maintained and that their customers, staff, and visitors are protected. From installing social distancing stickers on the floor to reducing the number of checkouts, there are many ways in which businesses are practicing social distancing. One of the newer methods is COVID-19 digital solutions and digital signage, which have become increasingly popular during the pandemic. 

Digital signage smart entrances are one of the ways in which digital solutions are being implemented. Digital signage smart entrances allow businesses to track the number of people inside a building. This works through a clever pairing of screens and cameras that track how many people enter and exit. When the amount of people reaches a set maximum, a digital display outside the entrance notifies visitors that the building is at full capacity and that they will need to wait before entering themselves. This is a great way of reducing staff and visitor contact as the screens do all of the work. Staff members can even control whether the screen says “STOP” or “ENTER” manually from their smartphone.

How Can Digital Signage Help Businesses Adapt to COVID-19?  COVID-19 Digital Solutions TrouDigital

2. Digital Hand Sanitiser

Another key step in slowing the spread of COVID-19 is observing proper hand hygiene. Recently, hand sanitiser units have been rapidly deployed to businesses around the United Kingdom and the globe. These units are a convenient way for employees, staff, and visitors to sanitise their hands and receive the latest Covid-19 guidance on a digital display. 

When the user takes a pump of hand sanitiser, content is triggered on the digital display. For a school with younger students, this could be content showing the most effective hand-washing technique to ensure sanitiser is used effectively. For a gym, this could be a social distancing reminder or even an advert for a personal training class. When the digital hand sanitiser unit is not being used, it can display engaging, dynamic content to customers and staff. 

See our animation below showcasing how digital hand sanitiser units work. 

How Can Digital Signage Help Businesses Adapt to COVID-19?  COVID-19 Digital Solutions TrouDigital

3. Display the Latest Advice

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that advice and information can change rapidly. With guidance changing constantly, it can be challenging for businesses to provide the most relevant and up to date advice. Print media has often been a reliable medium for keeping us up to date,  however, the new information during the pandemic has been emerging faster than leaflets and posters can be printed. This is where COVID-19 digital solutions have reduced the workload for staff whilst ensuring that the latest information is always visible.

Thanks to advances in technology such as cloud-based digital signage, information can be deployed to a network of screens in seconds. For example, if the government releases updated guidance for schools that take effect the next day, staff can rapidly update their information screens without the need to manually change their posters. This means that staff and students are always receiving the latest information and guidance. 

How Can Digital Signage Help Businesses Adapt to COVID-19?  COVID-19 Digital Solutions TrouDigital

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented challenge for businesses around the globe. As economies begin to open up, COVID-19 digital solutions are helping businesses to adapt and thrive. To find out more about our digital signage solutions click here to get in contact. 

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