Digital Signage for Internal Communications | 4 Top Uses.

Effective internal communications are paramount in creating a positive company culture. Displaying consistent and effective messages to employers can reinforce company values and even boost productivity. Digital signage for internal communications is a simple, cost-effective method that can supplement existing communication channels. Click here to book a free demo to find out how we can boost your internal communications.

1. Improve Communication

No matter what industry you’re in, good communication is fundamental to the success of any organisation. Typically, email is the go-to channel, but we have to be sat in front of our computer to see communications emails. However, in busy offices, emails often get lost along with the messages they were trying to deliver.

A more effective method would be using digital signage for internal communications. By simply installing screens in the throughout the office, content can be updated, uploaded and displayed to every department. This content can be scheduled to play at specific times, ensuring that communication teams can plan their messaging in advance. Communicating in this way can encourage collaboration between departments and increase engagement with important company announcements.

2. Promote Company Values

Digital signage for internal communications can be used to promote company values. For example, companies are becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental impact and becoming ‘greener’ as a result. With internal communication screens, content could be displayed to remind people to recycle, bring in reusable coffee cups or even show pollution levels in the area.

When screens are placed centrally, it’s difficult for company values to be ignored. Ultimately, this constant reminder may further encourage employees to uphold these values and reinforce the company culture.

3. Display Sales Statistics

At present, one of the only was to communicate sales statistics to employees has been through email or through dull literature. These methods can be boring and don’t capture attention, which can prevent teams from collaborating effectively in their sales efforts.

However, digital signage for internal communications is a great way to communicate sales figures and statistics to employees. By displaying figures up on a digital screen, all the employees will be able to keep track of both their team and individual performance. Over time, this may help to increase productivity and motivation.

Digital Signage for internal communications is also a great way to showcase top performers and awards that the department can boast to further motivate employees. When a sale is made, the office could integrate a card tapping system so that when a certain member of staff makes a sale, a celebratory video related to that person could be shown on screen.

4. Welcome Guests and Interviewees

Digital signage for internal communications is a great way to welcome guests or interviewees to your office or place of business. For example, if you have lots of university graduates coming in for an assessment day, personalised welcome messages may improve their perception of the company. In turn, this may increase the likelihood of top graduates choosing your organisation once they leave university.

Alternatively, you can use digital signage for internal communications to welcome clients and prospects to your offices. If a potential client is visiting and you’re keen to strike a deal, a friendly welcome message may put them in a positive mindset and help you close the deal.

5. Wayfinding

Wayfinding is a fail-safe way to add value to your offices or place of business. Using digital signage for internal communications will help people find their way around your offices. Large offices are often hard to navigate and traditional signage is often an ineffective method of directing people. A digital kiosk, however, can display an interactive, 3D map with the exact location of the room the user needs to get to. With digital signage for internal communications, there are no more excuses for being late to a meeting.

Wayfinding is also an extremely useful and valuable feature for delivery drivers. Even at our own office, delivery drivers would rarely find the correct room and packages would often be left outside. To combat this, we installed a digital way-finding kiosk ourselves. When delivery drivers arrive, they now use the interactive map to see exactly where they need to go! Consequently, packages now get to the right office with minimal effort and hassle.

Digital signage for internal communications should be a communication channel in all office settings. To find out how we can boost your internal communications, get in touch with the team today.

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