Digital Signage for Libraries | Top 5 Uses of Library Screens

Public spaces are constantly evolving and libraries are no exception. Libraries are always investing in new technologies to increase reader satisfaction and become more efficient . These technologies include digital wayfinding, book scanners, robots and even 3D printers. Library screens are a great way to modernise your library and can encourage members to come back and read! 

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1. Wayfinding

There are so many books available at libraries and locating a book can be a daunting task. Static wayfinding is great for directing people to a particular area, but is often of little help to those seeking directions to a specific book. This is where digital library screens come into play… 

Using digital wayfinding in libraries is a great way of improving the experience of library members and visitors. By simply installing a digital kiosk, library-goers can search a particular book and be given real-time directions to the relevant location. This can save your members precious time, time that can be spent reading their new book! 

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Library Wayfinding

2. Promote New Books and Events

Libraries need to constantly boost their offering and keep readers excited about the latest releases. With digital library screens, it’s possible to schedule a promotion in the weeks leading up to the day of a new release. A library screen can even include videos from the author or book reviewers to help members decide if they would enjoy the latest release.

However, the benefits of digital library screens don’t stop there. You can go a step further with your new screen and incorporate an RFID reader (card scanner). This RFID reader could be used to keep children entertained and bring their stories to life. For example, characters from their favourite books can have an RFID chip inside them. Once they are scanned on the RFID reader, they could trigger videos of the characters which can bring the story to life! This could be a great addition to children’s group reading sessions. 

Find out how RFID Readers are being used in museums and universities.

Child excited by a book

3. Schedule Content

With many events, holidays and activities going on during the year, libraries will need to stay ahead of the game and make sure they plan ahead. It can be a pain running a ‘print as you go’ scheme where you have to rush to print all the posters up only a few days before an event starts. However, with digital library displays, you’re in safe hands. Content can be scheduled to play at specific times months in advance. Just think of all that time saved from having to pin-up and print out posters!

Scheduling is especially helpful for seasonal promotions. Christmas content can be scheduled to play on your library screens long before the holiday season. This will allow you to prepare for the busy festive period without the hassle of rushing to make content a week before the festivities begin. Scheduling feature is a fail-safe digital signage feature that saves you priceless time and will keep your library organised. 

For more information on how scheduling is used read our blog post all about scheduling now.

Clock on bookshelf

4. Promote Library Messages

Digital library screens are a great way to inform members and readers about important issues. As we’ve mentioned, posters can blend into the background and often display outdated content if they’re not updated regularly. If there is an issue in the library, for example readers failing to return books back to their shelves. A polite message on a digital library screen can be an eye-catching, welcoming way to remind people to return books back to their homes.

A digital library screen is also a great way to praise and celebrate positive moments in the library. For example, if someone hits 50 years being an active member you can add a nice message to the library screens to make them feel happy and welcome. Alternatively, if there is news about new developments such as getting more digital screens or renovations you can let people know by updating your screen network. 

Man putting a book back onto a shelf

5. Social Media

Social media is now more important than ever for connecting with your audience. More and more libraries are utilising social media platforms to connect with their members and readers as an additional channel to keep them updated with library ongoings, upcoming events and so on. With digital library screens and digital signage software, you can display your live social media feed directly to your screen network. This adds a whole new level of engagement between the library and its members, helping them to stay informed and up to date. 

Social media

We are seeing a higher frequency of libraries taking the plunge to introduce technology to improve their customer experience. This is helping to keep readers coming back to the library and get more people reading books!

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