Case Study: India Quay Spices Up Advertising By Going Digital

Dec 11, 2018 | Case Study

Dom Hinchcliffe

Dom Hinchcliffe

Client Background: 
India Quay is a trendy, contemporary space amidst the hustle and bustle of Glasgow. A traditional Indian welcome awaits you at India Quay, where you will find a family run restaurant that triumphantly pairs traditional Indian cuisine with ‘urban chic’.
Adjacent to the newly redeveloped Finnieston area, and only a short walking distance of the SECC and Clyde Auditorium, India Quay overlooks the banks of the River Clyde, providing awe-inspiring views of the city’s ‘Squinty Bridge’ in the distance.
Since opening in 2005 they have received numerous awards and the trip advisor Award of Excellence every year from 2005-2018. They take a personal family approach to both their service and employment. They have the same core team of employees since their opening and, with everyone focused on the same goals and principles, this has created consistency which is the key to their success.
It’s the little details that make India Quay’s individuality stand out above the rest.
Project Requirements:
Being able to effectively advertise visually as a restaurant, up until recently, was limited to posters being displayed in a window and photos across social media.  
Undoubtedly, high-quality posters are a great way to advertise a restaurant’s menu, as well as some signature dishes. The issue with these is that when – like any good restaurant should – the menu changes and new dishes are added, these posters have to be updated. As India Quay found, these costs can quickly multiply and become a rather expensive medium to advertise. 
As for social media, again, there is no denying it’s a powerful advertising platform, with the added benefit of it being free. The issue with social media is that it is a very slow but steady way to advertise unless you invest a lot into promoting your posts. It’s also difficult to identify which of your customers have come through the door as a result of a particular social media post.
Case Study: India Quay Spices Up Advertising By Going Digital TrouDigital
With this in mind, India Quay were looking for a new platform which kept the aesthetically pleasing nature of posters, whilst keeping costs down, as well as having quantifiable results. 
Our Solution – Digital Signage for Indian Restaurants 
Hardware: 1x 65” Vestel 700-Nit Digital Signage Display, & 1x Commercial Android Media Player
Software: 1x Digital Signage Software License
After receiving a live demonstration from one of our registered partners, business owner, Kamal Purewall, immediately saw how digital signage could be used to promote his restaurant. 
Not only was it cheaper than using posters, as he did previously, eye-catching videos could also be displayed on the screen, maximising the attention of passersby. Kamal can also change what’s displayed in a matter of minutes, assuring that what the audience sees is the most up-to-date information. If needed, social media can be integrated and displayed on the screen, opening a new avenue to build their social media presence. 
The installation process with our registered partner was smooth and after a training session with one of our support technicians, India Quay was ready to say ‘aloo’ to new customers coming through their door. 
Don’t just take our word for it though, Kamal had this to say about his experience with managing his screen and working with TrouDigital:
Case Study: India Quay Spices Up Advertising By Going Digital TrouDigital
We decided to look into digital signage to see what impact it could make to drive more business. I got in touch with Stuart at Document6 who would organise the screens and he put me on to Jake at TrouDigital who provide the media playing services. Once we had discussed prices etc I wondered why I had waited so long. It worked out cheaper than having posters made up throughout the year for different events and promotions yet has a greater visual impact. I can’t say I’ve ever seen someone stop and look for 10-20sec to look at a poster, but this now happens many times a day with the screens. We opted for two screens originally, but I am thinking of getting at least one more.
As far as the actual media software it is a breeze to use even if you’re not very technically minded. Jake took us through full training – before the screens went up – and is available anytime if you need help. There are only three elements to learn and once you’ve made your changes it displays on your screens within 30 seconds. Its good to know if I have an idea, I can create something in a few minutes and have it on the screen in seconds instead of waiting for a printer etc. I couldn’t recommend both companies highly enough and I just wish I had taken the plunge sooner

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