Recycling Centre Advertising On Digital Screens

Mar 21, 2019 | Advertising, Outdoor

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

The Important Work of Recycling Centres

Recycling is becoming an extremely important factor in helping to save our environment. Dumping your waste or old belongings into landfill sites can take thousands of years to fully degrade, cause horrible smells and even massively contribute to the rise in greenhouse gasses, resulting in climate change.

We’ve seen our oceans become flooded with plastic waste in the process, killing many innocent animals such as whales. These wastage problems are only a few out of the many that are facing us today.

However, recycling offers a comforting alternative where your waste will be used to craft something entirely new! From clothes and books to park benches and shoes. Recycling has brought many benefits to our planet such as helping to preserve forests which would otherwise be chopped down. For example, without recycling, a tree may be hacked down to build a bench. However, with recycling, this tree could be saved and plastic and other materials which would have previously ended up in landfills or the ocean can be used instead.

One major contributor to helping people to recycle are recycling centres. Recycling centres are local places where people can bring their old belongings and materials to productively deposit them. Recycling centres will deal with waste such as plastics, old electronics, garden waste, wood, metal and much more. These centres have allowed for tons and tons of waste to be safely disposed and reused that would otherwise have caused the planet harm.

Recycling Centre Advertising On Digital Screens

Where does the introduction of digital screens come in?

Educating visitors and regular users of these centres is paramount into making sure the right things are being recycled. Furthermore, that people are getting the information they need to be aware of the issues recycling centres are aiming to solve.

When you think of someone’s experience at a recycling centre or plant, they quickly pull up with a queue of people behind them and need to swiftly know what they are doing and what goes where. In most centres, the source of this information can be found on weathered and faded posters. But more and more centres are investing in digital screens instead to show crucial recycling information in an engaging and visual way.

Recycling Centre Advertising On Digital Screens TrouDigital

How To Use Digital Signage At Your Site

The options for using digital screens at a recycling or waste centre are endless.

Screens might show facts and figures on how recycling centres have had an impact on cutting down waste and pollution. Any weekly or monthly targets for the centre might be displayed to encourage the repeat use of local tradesmen. Or perhaps opening times which could be changed on a regular basis as required. The same screen could even relay invaluable health and safety information – for employees as much as visitors.

Where a screen is superior to a static poster is the ability to show multi-media content such as views and live news, plus the capacity to update it regularly with ease. An obvious choice for video content would be videos showing how to correctly discard items. A live news feed or similar media would help reduce perceived waiting times during busy periods.

Make Money From Your Screens

Recycling centre advertising is a hugely undervalued opportunity. Waste centres are places that a very specific demographic visits and gathers. These are individuals working in the trade sector or who have DIY interests as home-owners. A digital advertising screen offers advertisers in the form of local businesses a unique opportunity to get in front of their target market by showing relevant retail offers or promotions about local events.

Recycling centres can invest in screens to generate a regular source of advertising income that they can then reinvest in their facilities and staff. Alternatively, they could use their screens to advertise their own ‘shops’. Centres often sell high value products that are thrown away such as electronics or furniture second-hand. Rather than spreading a small selection of your inventory out on a table, show pictures and pricing on a screen instead. You will see a stark increase in your sales that will make it well worth your while.

Recycling Centre Advertising On Digital Screens TrouDigital
The Green Reason To Go Digital

If the benefits listed above were not enough for you to consider going digital at your recycling centre, then the environmental reasons for doing should stand out.

Recycling centres are the perfect place to set an example when it comes to reducing paper waste and helping to save trees. By swapping a countless stack of posters that need constantly changing and replenishing for a screen, your centre can cut down on paper costs and the time and effort involved with printing. This is especially cost-effective if you procure your screens from the donated electronics you are already collecting!

At TrouDigital, we hope that our screens can help to impact the way people treat the environment and contribute to the amount people recycle. If you would like more information, please get in touch.

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