Petrol Station Advertising With Digital Displays

Feb 5, 2018 | Advertising

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

Garages are increasingly turning to digital displays for petrol station advertising.

Screens installed by the pumps, in the windows facing outwards and above tills are ideally placed for engagement.

Whether you are looking to promote the sale of items in your convenience store or generate sponsorship, a network of displays can be a profitable platform.

Make the most of dwell time

The great thing about petrol station advertising is it utilises the dead time of customers filling up at the pump and queuing inside. 
Petrol Station Advertising With Digital Displays TrouDigital
On average, motorists spend between 2-3 minutes filling up their car. This time can be extended in busy periods where cars have to queue. Installing a small tablet-like screen at the pump or larger displays in the window gives customers, and passengers inside the cars too, something to look at. 
With many petrol garages nowadays acting as convenience stores, queues at the till have become longer with more people doing mini shops rather than just grabbing a pint of milk. The effect of this has increased waiting times inside too. The whole experience of visiting a garage can take 5-10 minutes.
Digital signage inside complements screens located outside giving garage owners another opportunity to market to customers. By engaging motorists, petrol station advertising helps to alleviate boredom and frustration doing peak times, having a positive effect on customer satisfaction.

Increase the value of goods sales

The financial benefits of advertising screens are well established. 19% of consumers claim to have made impulse purchases after seeing digital advertising screens. When strategically placed in a petrol garage shop, this can have a powerful effect on sales turning digital signage from a cost into an investment. 
One popular use has been installing a digital display adjacent to the self-service coffee machines that are increasingly cropping up. Digital signs that promote special deals or complementary products, such as a free doughnut with a coffee, see a huge uptake by customers that might have otherwise paid for their fuel and left.
Petrol station advertising allows garage-owners to maximise the value of each sale.

Petrol Station Advertising With Digital Displays TrouDigital
Sell advertising space to sponsors

Beyond store promotions, garages should see digital signage as an invaluable platform to attract sponsorship.
These types of deals can either be agreed at a centralised franchise level, where hundreds of garages form an enormously powerful matrix of screens, or on an individual basis. Whether you are a franchise pitching to international companies for sponsorship, or an independent petrol station owner pitching to local businesses, metrics regarding dwell time and footfall prove highly attractive.
Petrol station advertising can become a significant source of additional revenue for garages, which is particularly significant for independent owners. You can start by installing a couple of screens in the window or by the till and then approach local businesses to sell them screen time. See our guide to localised advertising for help.

If you are interested in petrol station advertising, get in contact today.

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