Video Wall Display Solutions | What Are They And How Much Do They Cost?

A video wall is a great way to show off your business and wow your customers! We’re seeing a huge increase in the number of video walls being introduced into corporate offices, universities, airports, and many other industries. If you’re thinking of installing a video wall at your business and need video wall display solutions, get in touch with the team today by clicking this link.

What is a video wall?

In simple terms, a video wall is a large display comprised of normal-sized screens. The goal is to give the illusion of one huge screen or ‘video wall’. Recent technology developments have allowed video walls to look and perform better than ever. Bezel-less screens have improved the appearance of video walls. This has now made it possible to create a seamless transition from screen to screen.

Years ago, installing video wall display solutions was extremely costly and would require expensive computers to power the screens. However, it’s now possible to power multiple screens through a single micro PC. These can be hidden behind the video wall or in another discreet location. Not only does this help reduce your costs, it further enhances the slickness of your video wall.

Video walls have many uses including advertising, promoting businesses and products and even for festivals and sporting events. Video walls can be used in control rooms where security guards may need to view multiple security feeds at one time.

How Much Do Video Wall Display Solutions Cost?

Obviously the price of your video wall solution will vary and is subject to a number of variables. These may include: the size and location of the video wall, and what kind of content you want to display.

The main cost of the video wall is the screens themselves and prices vary depending on quality and brightness. If the video wall is going to placed in a window or outside, you will need to use high-brightness screens so that they’re readable in sunlight. For indoor use, it’s possible to use screens with traditional brightness levels which can help reduce the overall cost of the video wall. 

The price of the mini PC will also vary depending on the scope of your project. A cost-effective, less powerful PC may be ideal for a smaller scale video wall. However, for a larger project, it may be best to invest in a more powerful PC to ensure that content runs smoothly throughout the day. 

Every video wall project is different, so feel free to contact our team by clicking this link and we’ll be happy to offer some friendly advice and give you a quote.

Where Can I Install My Video Wall?

There aren’t many locations where we haven’t seen video walls installed. As long as there’s enough space, you can normally install a video wall with ease. There are many fantastic examples of video walls that other companies have used to promote their products and increase brand awareness. 

If done correctly, video walls grab attention and leave a lasting impact on passersby. Below shows how a video wall that has been used around 2 doorways to create an ultra-realistic wave animation. As you can see, this video wall demonstrates the realm of possibilities that digital signage brings to the table.

Video wall display solutions are a fantastic way to promote your products and services and show your business off! If you’re thinking of installing a video wall for your business make sure you contact the team today! 

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