Touch Screen Digital Signage – The Technology Bringing Your Customers Closer

Oct 29, 2018 | Touch Screen

Dom Hinchcliffe

Dom Hinchcliffe

Touch screen digital signage opens up a whole new dimension of attention-grabbing content.

If you are familiar with our drag-and-drop software, you will be pleased to hear that our touch screen functionality is just as simple. 

TrouDigital specialise in turning your static display screens into engaging and interactive advertising tools.

A unique opportunity for engagement

Touch screen digital signage brings your customers closer to you, instead of your signage being viewed from afar where detail and content could be missed. This makes for a more immersive experience, where users are focused on your interface. Touch screen digital signage can also make it less necessary to invest in large screens as your audience will be engaging from a close proximity and cycling through content. This can be great in areas with limited space.

Touch Screen Digital Signage - The Technology Bringing Your Customers Closer TrouDigital Allow customers to get close and personal

Going interactive with your screens allows for far more engaging content. Drawing in a customer’s attention is critical for every sector, but what is harder to do is to prolong this attention to the level where content is being properly taken in, and the customer is interested and enjoying their participation.
It is likely that a customer’s conversion rate for any promotions or deals will be higher as they will have had the opportunity to properly digest the information you are providing to them. What’s more, by tracking the creatives opened and the click-through-rate by customers, you can understand what content they were looking for, and what content they ended up using.
Let’s briefly consider the benefits for the restaurant industry, who can now transform their digital signage into an interactive menu. If there are items on the menu that have not been ordered, or rarely even pressed on the digital menu’s touch screen, this can provide a valuable insight into which products are best-selling and which products are less popular.

Attract the right kind of attention

There are so many effective ways to deploy digital signage to attract attention, whether you are targetting customers walking past your shop in a busy shopping mall or providing customers with entertainment and information during a long period of time in a waiting room.
Your goal is to provide content that prospective customers will be interested in and to convert their interest into action. If your signage has drawn attention, you will want to entice the customer to take the next step. Touch screen digital signage encourages this, by allowing customers to find out more information on your screen and by providing them with the opportunity to explore other content available at their fingertips.

Increase face-to-face interactions

Touch screen digital signage can also increase the number of interactions your sales team or customer assistants can have with interested customers. By being able to keep a customer at your screen for an extended period of time, you have the chance to provide your excellent customer service to the customer. Customers can be asked whether there is anything you can help them with, or if there is anything they are looking for.
At busy events, exhibitions or retail outlets it can be hard to draw in attention to customers who are quickly passing by. By having an interactive screen, you have a great opportunity to show an interested customer your latest promotions, products or to go into more depth with them about a service – on a personal level. This can save you a lot of time and be very effective, as customers showing an interest will be keen to know more, and will value the help you have given them.
On the other hand, if you are unable to be in person physically where your screen is, your touch screen digital signage can be there for you to share the content you have specifically set up for a customer to see. It’s effectively an extension of your sales team.

Provide interaction that customers are used to

Touch Screen Digital Signage - The Technology Bringing Your Customers Closer TrouDigital According to a study conducted by Dscout, the average mobile phone user touches their phone approximately 2617 times every single day. With extreme users in the highest top 10% range, touching their phones an estimated 5400 times daily! These statistics reveal just how dependent we are becoming on technology, and how in this digital age, we are used to touch screens being a part of our daily lives.
Just consider how many times you have touched a digital screen from naturally assuming that it was responsive to touch?
The introduction of tablets like the iPad, and more recently touch screen laptops, have propelled this expectation even further. Ensure you keep up with the times by using touch screen digital signage to engage and impress your customer base, delivering signage in a way they are used to.

Interactive makes for simple wayfinding

The several benefits of touch screen digital signage will be addressed in a later blog article – there really are so many to go through! With one main benefit for many sectors being the usability of a touch screen for a wayfinding solution.
This is due to the fact that every customer using the digital screen may be requiring to find different information on where they are meant to be. For example, finding the waiting room or doctor’s practice room you have been allocated to at a large hospital; finding the nearest restrooms or restaurant quarter at a shopping mall; or more generally finding specific information about a product or service.
Interactive digital signage can get your customers to where they want to be, which will leave them with a positive impression towards your brand!

Customers can reach desired content, fast

From a customer perspective, a touch screen digital signage solution can vastly fasten the time it takes to search for a query or information, and to find the answer or solution they were looking for. As a business, we know that one of your primary targets will always be finding new, innovative ways to effectively improve the customer’s experience with your content and brand.
We really hope this article has conveyed just how useful touch screen digital signage is for your business and for your customers. If you are interested in exploring interactive digital signage, we would love to book you in for a free demo to show you our cloud-based solution.

If you would like to talk about a potential project, please email us on or call us today on 02380 981110.

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