How Digital Signs Can Make You Money

Oct 19, 2016 | Digital Signage, Sponsorship

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

What if we told you digital signs can actually pay for themselves and bring in revenue?

In our last blog post, we cleared up the myth that digital signage is too expensive for smaller companies and institutions. This time, we want to explain how digital signs can make you money and become a sound financial investment.

People are looking – sell their attention

Digital signage is one of the most important advertising channels of the 21st century. We live in an age where TV adverts are being drained of their power. Most of us now watch Netflix or Amazon Prime. When we do tune in to regular TV, we’re fast-forwarding the adverts. Advertisers are beginning to realise that their budgets are better spent elsewhere – online and on digital mediums. Digital signage is a platform that is greatly reaping the fruits of this development. Companies want to reach audiences – not in the hour or two they mindlessly spend in front of the TV set each night – but at work, when they’re out shopping, going to university, even visiting the dentist or vet. As a species today, we are used to looking at screens. Our brains are calibrated to want to receive information in this way. Digital signs have the power to determine where people are looking.
Put a screen up in your practice’s waiting room, or in the middle of a busy shopping centre, and people will look at it. It’s an incredibly effective way of communicating with your audience. A university might use screens to promote upcoming events. A vet might use theirs to try and educate visitors on how to care for their pet. But you can share this digital space and your audience. Allocating just 10 seconds in every 1 minute loop of your screen presentation is enough to generate serious advertisement revenue. Putting out sponsored content isn’t ‘selling out’. You control your screen network – you get to choose only the external companies you like. You get to regulate their content and determine how much coverage sponsors receive.

An attractive proposition for sponsors

Dynamic digital signs are an attractive proposition for all kinds of sponsors. You might already be using basic screens to show images or PowerPoint presentations. If you’re an institution like a university, or the owner of screens in high-footfall retail locations, you’ll already be able to find advertisers wanting to rent your screen space to show static, billboard-style images. Dynamic digital signage, however, is multi-media. It opens up the possibility of video content, social media integration, RSS feeds and much, much more. The more versatile your digital signage screens, the more effective they are at communicating, and therefore, crucially, the more valuable they are to sponsors.
The most effective advertising today tells a story. Just think of the last perfume advert you saw – there were characters and a storyline. Since the advent of the cinema, video has become one of the most engaging mediums for story-telling. Advertisers know this and spend far more money on videos than they do static images. With dynamic digital signage, you can take advantage of this premium. A video that plays for 10 seconds on your screen is worth a lot more than an image that just stays up. It makes no difference to you – as long as your screens have video capacity.
The greatest transformation in the advertising world, perhaps since its conception, has been the birth of social media. Companies are already dedicating huge chunks of their marketing budget to social media ads. This trend is only going to escalate. With social media integrated digital signage, small institutions and companies can take a slice of this pie. To put out sponsored social media content on their channels, companies need a huge following to attract anyone willing to pay for publicity. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, for example, are paid £100,000s to promote products on Instagram. Social media integrated digital signage, however, creates a window of opportunity for even the smallest of companies, with hardly any online following at all. Displaying your institution or businesses’s Twitter feed on digital signs means that it is seen by passersby as well as those following you online. This exposure means that advertisers will pay premium to feature in sponsored tweets or posts, or even just receive retweets. Many universities are already charging £100/tweet for advertisers. When a university extends their Twitter audience to the thousands of students walking past their screens on campus, the value of a tweet only goes up. 

Digital signs are highly valued by advertisers who are having to seek new ways to get our attention. The more dynamic your signage platform, the more attractive your small business or institution is to sponsors.

How Digital Signs Can Make You Money TrouDigital

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