8 Ways Your Restaurant Can Use Digital Menu Boards

Jan 6, 2021 | Restaurants

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

Digital menu boards are a fantastic way to pull your restaurant into the 21st century. Digital screens are now cheaper and thinner than ever. This makes the digital venture an attractive and affordable one. With digital signage, the possibilities of what you can do are endless. This blog post outlines some of the ways you can use digital menu boards and how digital signage in restaurants can work for you.

If you want to learn more about digital menu boards, visit our dedicated digital restaurant menu boards page.

1. Digital Menu Boards Can Be Easily Updated

It’s a pain when you are at a restaurant and you’re told that the food you wanted to order is out of stock. Traditionally wait staff would have to keep apologising to every person who orders the food. Who will usually reply “well why is it on the menu then?”. A simple solution to avoid this awkward situation is digital signage menu boards. Using the example of an ice cream shop. The staff could immediately update the live menus when they run out of toffee ice cream. When the customers walk in they will immediately see that it is not in stock. Avoiding disappointment.

8 Ways Your Restaurant Can Use Digital Menu Boards TrouDigital

2. Display Daily Specials On Digital Menu Boards

Digital signage scheduling is a huge asset to restaurants who run daily specials. Scheduling allows the restaurant to premake content and stall it so it can be displayed at a more optimal time. For example over the Christmas period, your restaurant may be running Christmas themed specials. Traditionally the restaurant would have to create the new menus themselves, print them and replace the old ones. Which can be costly and time-consuming. However, using a digital menu board. The member of staff can create the new menu quickly on the software. And schedule it for specific times within seconds.

Digital signage in restaurants can be a lifeline for busy restaurants with little downtime. Because staff can create menus months in advance and schedule them in advance to play at the correct times.

8 Ways Your Restaurant Can Use Digital Menu Boards TrouDigital

3. Show Different Menus Throughout The Day On Digital Menu Boards

The scheduling feature for digital signage in restaurants can also be used to display different menus throughout the day. For example, if you run breakfast from 6 am – 11 am. You can select a playlist to play during this time and expire. If lunch runs from 11 am – 3 pm you can select a playlist to run as soon as the breakfast one expires. And vice versa for dinner menus. Again this saves a lot of time for restaurants who can use the extra time on perfecting their food.

8 Ways Your Restaurant Can Use Digital Menu Boards TrouDigital

4. Attracting Passing Customers

Digital menu boards are a fantastic way to entice potential customers to come in and eat. As authentic as old chalkboards can be. They tend to blend into the background with nothing popping out to catch those walking by. However, using digital signage, menu boards can pop out and stand out among the rest. An important trait to possess. Especially if you are an independent restaurant competing with big names such as Nandos, pizza express etc. This is often achieved by installing a high brightness screen in the window.

The possibilities for making eye-catching content are endless. Content such as fun animations to full audio videos. Find out how British airways creatively used digital signage here.

8 Ways Your Restaurant Can Use Digital Menu Boards TrouDigital

5. Displaying HD Quality Content On Digital Menu Boards

The quality of digital screens has dramatically increased in the past few years. Offering an extremely crisp picture. This allows restaurants to almost mirror the quality of their food. Customers can be looking at the screen seeing the fresh steam rising off a roast dinner. Or beads of condensation running down the side of a cool beer glass on a hot summer day. Because of this, I bet you’re hungry now!

8 Ways Your Restaurant Can Use Digital Menu Boards TrouDigital

6. Showcase Restaurant Reviews

Digital menu boards are not limited to showing food and drink. Because they can also be used to display restaurant reviews and ratings. Which are a very important aspect when customers are choosing whether or not to eat in a restaurant. If your restaurant often gets fantastic reviews and ratings you will want to let everyone know! By featuring reviews on a digital display, potential customers would be able to see what people have recently been saying about the food. Which could be the thing that pushes them to go in and eat.

8 Ways Your Restaurant Can Use Digital Menu Boards TrouDigital

7. Feature Nutritional Infomation

It’s become increasingly important for restaurants to display nutritional information. Because of a recent surge of veganism, calorie consciousness and other dietary requirements. People want to know what they are eating. And sometimes having that reassurance can be the difference of a customer eating in a restaurant or not. Using digital signage menu boards the calories and dietary information can be added next to food with ease. This can make it much more convenient for customers to order who won’t have to ask about each item.

8 Ways Your Restaurant Can Use Digital Menu Boards TrouDigital

8. Entertainment

Digital menu boards and digital signage can also be used to provide entertainment. This has been successful in restaurants such as Hard Rock Cafe. Who exercises a hard rock theme. They play the music videos of the music that is currently being heard on their digital signage. Adding to the experience of the meal. Or in a sports-themed restaurant, the restaurant could play live football matches through our new live TV function so their customers don’t miss the game. Entertainment and live menus can go hand in hand. Because different content can be assigned to different screens.

8 Ways Your Restaurant Can Use Digital Menu Boards TrouDigital

If you have any questions regarding digital signage menu boards for restaurants, speak to an expert today. Call – 02380 981110 or Email – info@troudigital.com. Alternatively, click the button below.

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