The Future of Digital Signage – 5 Trends To Watch

Apr 29, 2019 | knowledge

Where Is Digital Signage Heading?

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate with the fast development of ultra-thin bezel-less displays, more powerful processors and hardware, and software that allows for the creation of anything you can imagine. We have come a long way from the classic ‘fat back’ TVs that look ugly and have limited capabilities, with businesses having to insert a premade VHS tape just to display some content.

I think it is safe to say this old kind of digital signage would be misplaced in today’s world when we have access to 4K quality picture and high brightness screens that are under half a centre-metre thick, with nearly invisible bezels that take your breath away.

This growing trend in the improvement of digital signage technology is removing the need for traditional print media that in the long run can be less eco-friendly and can actually cost more in labour costs. Whereas with a high-quality digital display the screen and software only needs to be installed once, and you’re good to go! All update changes are made remotely.

This blog is going to investigate the future of digital signage: what upcoming technologies and advancements we can look forward to in the industry and how you will be able to integrate these enhancements into your business.

Ultra-Thin Displays

Many manufacturers have started releasing breathtaking 4K ultra-thin displays which take up minimal space, giving the illusion that the screen design is jumping out of the wall. These impossibly thin displays can be placed anywhere within your business. They are ideally suited to deliver dynamic content mimicking a paper poster but with added ‘wow factor’. In my opinion, a screen can be just as much a draw as the content it shows. Your customers won’t believe a screen can be that thin and will think it’s a poster. When they see the image on the ‘poster’ move they will be stunned and want to come and take a closer look. What a great way to make a positive impression as an innovative company or retailer.

The Future of Digital Signage - 5 Trends To Watch TrouDigital

Bezel-less Displays and Video Walls

Shrinking bezels are another trend that is on the rise and with it the popularity of video walls, where multiple panels are connected to form a larger canvas. These video walls can often be seen at airports and train stations, where a larger image, table of information or video needs to be projected, usually viewed from further away or around crowds.

The Future of Digital Signage - 5 Trends To Watch TrouDigital

These video walls can allow for some really clever digital marketing, where marketing teams can make use of multiple displays to create unbelievable designs and videos that can showcase their products or services. Even without investing in a video wall, a single bezel-less display can be a high-end touch in key locations like reception areas.

4K and Beyond

It seems like yesterday when 1080p blu-ray disks were becoming the next big thing and all the hype was on how crisp and clear 1080p was and how video quality couldn’t get any better. However, it did and will. A few years later 4K was being introduced and the excitement was back again. A 4K screen is 4 times the quality of a 1080p screen which allows for an extremely crisp image even if you are standing right next to the screen.

4K is quickly becoming an industry standard with phones, laptops, tablets, games consoles and digital screens all making the transition to captivate this extra quality 4K technology offers.  Having a 4K screen for your digital signage can be best utilised for your business if you are displaying promotional videos in lobbies etc. You are going to want the best presentation for your business, and the best way to do this is by having the best quality screen.

The Future of Digital Signage - 5 Trends To Watch TrouDigital

However, the screen quality isn’t stopping there. Large tech companies are in the race to make even higher quality screens with the latest being Sony who released a behemoth 783-inch screen with a 16K resolution. Of course, we are not going to see this kind of technology available to the public for a little while yet but it is exciting to see that companies are pushing the capabilities of the technology. Roll on 16K!

Faster More Efficient Hardware

The days of a computer taking up a whole room are long gone as we now have a huge amount of processing power that can fit into our pockets. The compacting of technology is reflected in our media players or ‘Micro PCs’ that are comparable in power to a desktop but can fit in the palm of your hand. Small enough to hide between a TV screen.

The Future of Digital Signage - 5 Trends To Watch TrouDigital

This extra power allows for more content to be shown at a higher quality in a more complex manner. Our preferred operating system, Android, brings with it added reliability in a cost-effective package. Although this hardware is hidden, it is paramount into making our service run smoothly and efficiently. The future of digital signage is faster and more efficient hardware that provides unprecedented performance levels.

Eco-Friendly Technology

The technology behind digital signage is becoming increasingly more environmentally friendly which is extremely important in today’s society. Not only does a more environmentally friendly product contribute to saving the environment, but it can also cut running costs for your business making it a ‘win win win’ situation for the business, environment and the consumer.

The Future of Digital Signage - 5 Trends To Watch TrouDigital

In summary, the future of digital signage is exciting and we can’t wait to see what comes next. It is definitely an industry to keep an eye on as manufacturers and software developers compete to release the next great innovation.