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Score With Digital Signage For Football Clubs

Mar 30, 2021 | Hospitality, Leisure

Sophie Olver

Sophie Olver

Football clubs are about community. From grassroots to Premier League, football clubs are where the players pour their hearts out in training to win on match day, the fans experience the highs and lows of supporting a team, and the coaches and those behind the scenes watch their players grow and thrive. Clubs want to create the best experience possible for their stakeholders. This is where digital signage for football clubs comes into play. Digital signage enhances player, fan, and coach experience from the second they enter the club to the moment they leave.

Nothing beats the sheer thrill of watching a match live on game day. Yet, with the increasing availability and features of watching sport at home, enhanced by fears of the pandemic, fans are being swayed to stay put on the sofa. With fans soon to return to the live game, increase fan engagement with digital signage solutions.

From digital wayfinding to sponsorship space, this blog explores how football clubs can score with digital signage.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage for football clubs is fast growing in popularity. It consists of using electronic screens to convey information to an audience at a particular location, such as the entrance, pitch, or food court. Content is created, scheduled, and managed through digital signage software, and then a media player is used to display this content onto a screen. Multiple screens can be placed throughout your football club.

Unlike conventional print signage, digital signage can display multimedia content from videos to social media. The possibilities are near limitless. In fact, according to Intel Corp, digital signage effectively captures 400% more views than static signage, signposting how digital signage exceeds print and traditional media.

Types of Digital Signage for Football Clubs

Digital Information Displays

Digital information displays are the perfect way to keep visitors to your football club up to date with announcements and information. Whether the football club screen provides a countdown to the match or promotes merchandise, welcomes fans, or welcomes the away team, everyone will be able to access clear information on large high-brightness screens. Additionally, a rotating content playlist allows various information to be displayed on one screen, removing the need for multiple print posters.

Digital Scoreboards

Digital scoreboards are critical for ensuring fans remain engaged with the game. Displaying the game score large and visible allows fans (and players) to stay on the ball. Yet these scoreboards have more than one purpose; they can display player profiles, as well as replays to allow fans to re-watch a critical moment, as they could if watching at home. As a fan engagement screen, digital scoreboards give fans the best of both worlds – the thrill of the live game and the benefits of on-screen insights.

Digital Menu Boards

Revamp your football club with smart and eye-catching digital menu boards. Whether your football club has food stalls, a food court, bar, or restaurant, replace static and unappealing posters with large digital menu boards that can be seen and read from the front to the back of the queue. These screens will boost sales and increase revenue for your club.

The ability to easily change displayed content will also enable menu updates or one-off deals to be implemented immediately. For example, if food goes out of stock on busy game days. This, therefore, saves time for both staff and customers.

Score With Digital Signage For Football Clubs TrouDigital

Touchscreen Digital Signage for Football Clubs

Touchscreen and interactive displays are also beneficial digital signage options for football clubs. These screens can engage fans with easy membership registration, feedback buttons, or score prediction polls. This interactivity will increase club transparency and help you understand what club stakeholders want.

Digital Hand Sanitisers

As sports grounds open post-lockdown, ensuring the cleanliness of your football club is vital. This is where digital hand sanitisers play a huge role. Locating these stations at entrances to the club, changing rooms, conference rooms, and stands provides visitors with the opportunity to keep their hands clean while viewing vital information on an attached screen from hygiene advice to club promotions.

Digital Wayfinding

The fear of not finding your seat when you enter a massive or new football club stadium can be daunting. But with digital wayfinding, fans can easily navigate the stadium and find their goal. These digital wayfinding kiosks are attractive, efficient, and interactive. Users can tap on a map where they need to go, and the kiosk offers a route in the right direction.

Score With Digital Signage For Football Clubs TrouDigital

Tackle Fan Engagement with Game-Changing Content

Live TV Digital Signage for Football Clubs

Digital signage has many capabilities, including streaming live TV. During the game, screens throughout the stadium can play the live game. This feature means fans popping inside to buy food or drink do not miss any action. After the game, these screens can replay footage from the match, allowing players, fans, and staff to reminisce on a good game or identify mistakes. Alternatively, when your club is not playing, use the screens in social areas to play other live matches, increasing club community spirit.

Promote Merchandise and Membership

Digital signage for football clubs is a great place to promote club merchandise and membership. Research has found that one in five customers make impulse purchases after seeing digital signage advertising. This figure reveals the potential of boosting your club sales with digital advertising. If products are purchasable onsite, football club screens can provide directions to merchandise stands. If purchasable online, high-quality scannable QR codes can lead customers to the exact webpage.

Additionally, research indicates that almost half (48%) of shoppers admit a discount has sped up a purchasing decision. As a result, use digital signage to promote relevant offers to improve sales.

Display and Promote Social Media

With 4.14 billion people using social media worldwide, social media is a game-changing content idea for digital signage. A live feed of an account, list, or hashtag search projected onto a digital advertising display can reveal real-time fan testimonials and pictures of the club or game. By promoting a specific hashtag, fans are more likely to interact with your accounts to see their name up on the big fan engagement screen. This engagement will boost club social media success.

Score With Digital Signage For Football Clubs TrouDigital

Sell Advertising Space on Digital Signage for Football Clubs

Digital signage for football clubs provides valuable space for businesses to advertise their products or services. As large football club stadiums have a capacity of over 40,000, that is 40,000+ potential customers. Even smaller clubs can optimise this digital tool by selling space to local businesses. Businesses, from hotels to banks, taxi services to drink brands, will be attracted to this eye-catching, multimedia platform for marketing, increasing your club revenue.

Live Updates

Digital signage has many benefits, including the ability to present live updates. Digital information and menu boards that previously displayed directions or food promotions at peak times, for example, can be updated to show live information, such as train timetables or traffic, when fans are leaving the club. This visible information will ease your fans’ journey out of the stadium, completing their positive experience. If fans see traffic is bad or their train is delayed, they are more likely to stay at the club and spend money on food or merchandise, increasing your club’s concession sales.

Score With Digital Signage For Football Clubs TrouDigital

Display Team Information and Statistics

Football club digital screens can enhance club comradeship by keeping everyone up to date. Use a football club screen to display the league table, information on upcoming fixtures, or team news. Managed through digital software, there is no need to rewrite scores or print new content.

Additionally, using the dashboard widget, live data can be pulled from your software onto your football club digital screen to present live statistics on the team and players. For example, goals scored or average ball possession. By displaying these figures, fans can analyse the game themselves, and players can identify their successes and places for improvement.

Schedule Content for Alternative Events

Football clubs can be multi-purpose; people can rent the space for other events, whether a conference, party, or other sports game. The scheduling capability of digital signage allows content playlists to be pre-planned for varying audiences. This ability for adaptable content can help promote your club as a venue. As a result, when players are not training or competing, digital signage can increase your club revenue.

COVID-19 Digital Signage for Football Clubs

The impact of COVID-19 on how football clubs and stadiums run following the loosening of pandemic restrictions cannot be ignored. Football clubs must prepare for the return of an expected 10,000 fans to stadiums by mid-May. Alongside digital hand sanitisers, football club digital screens can remind visitors of rules, such as mask-wearing. Whilst posters fail to catch attention, and oral announcements fade amongst the noise, digital screens translate messages clearly and reliably.

Score With Digital Signage For Football Clubs TrouDigital

If you have any questions related to digital signage for football clubs, speak to an expert today. Call our friendly team on 02380 981110 or Email info@troudigital.com for a no-obligation consultation. Alternatively, click the button below.

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