Gym Management Tips: How To Promote A Healthy Lifestyle In your Gym with Digital Signage

Digital Signage In Your GymWhat is the use of Digital Signage in Gyms?

Searching for for gym management tips? You’ll be glad to know that interactive digital signage in your gym is the ideal path for health clubs to display relevant information over the commotion of a centre brimming with physically dynamic individuals and noisy hardware.

With advanced signage arrangements, Dynamic Gyms can:

  • Use social media to build a sense of community with live feeds. 
  • Make sure your gym users are safe and know their way around.
  • Use Touch-screen’s to book training classes and personal trainers.
  • Show simple effective videos on how to use equipment and train.
  • Generate income with targeted sponsors who provide value added content!
  • Integrate live-tv within your Gym to show sport, news and more with ease. 
Interactive Gyms are becoming more Competitive Gyms

Easy to use digital signage for gyms

The number of gym users in the UK has raced past 10 million this year, meaning 1 in 7 people are subscribed to a gym near them. With the quickly increasing demand for training experts, equipment and need to follow a healthy life style, the need for fitness centres is increasing. Many gyms are now offering 24/7 usage and many other measures of flexibility to any members who join. And to stay flexible, cut costs and generate new streams of revenue, gyms around the globe are taking on Digital Signage.

Now managing gyms with fewer staff has never been easier. A lot of gyms already have a network of screens, however are not making the best use of them.

Gyms are now requiring easy to use and manage digital signage to provide its users with dynamic, relevant and social information. Digital Signage allows gym users not only to enjoy their experience more, but give them a real platform for showcasing and sharing their results. With a more interconnected world, it is essential to have an equally interconnected gym.

Healthy Information for Healthy Users

Marketing Efficiency at its best!

Did you know that nearly 68% of your members watch close to 35 minutes of content on your screens? Why don’t you use this to improve the experience of your users and generate some additional income for your gym by:

  • Getting supplement companies to post guest information
  • Posting videos of new classes and their benefits as well as products sold in the gym
  • Using Instagram / Facebook to showcase success stories and personal trainers
  • Earning subsidies with local relevant sponsors

Why go Digital?

The answer is simple…. Engagement. In an extremely simple, cost effective way you can build engagement with your members and intrigue visitors, increasing their sense of achievement and community. With Digital Signage software, gyms are able to create, schedule and manage content across all their screens with ease. And as gym management tips go, this is at the top of the list.

Some of the key benefits of a Digital Signage solution are:

  • Completely customizable drag and drop solution featuring widgets.
  • Update content from one central dashboard to all of your screens.
  • No expensive hardware.
  • Live social media feeds and TV.
  • New advertisement revenue source.
  • Scheduling and grouping for the easy management of screens.
  • Updates and upgrades free… forever!

Intrigued, or just want to see how easy it is to use? Feel free to get in touch!

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