Digital Signage in Hospitals – Current Signage Testing your Patients?

Hospitals are pioneers in the healthcare industry, constantly searching for the latest tech to help them operate more smoothly and efficiently.

The use of digital signage in hospitals serves as one of the biggest current trends, and when used appropriately can help make patients’ visits somewhat less worrying, as well as staff members’ jobs that much more manageable.

Here are the five best uses of digital signage in hospitals:

Check in kiosks

The scene that occurs too often: a receptionist dealing with a queue of patients, visitors needing to check in, all whilst receiving phone calls. This creates a relative state of carnage, providing unnecessary stress for both the visitors and employees. Fitting check in kiosks can help make the flow of a hospital a bit smoother, allowing receptionists to focus on their jobs and patient management.

Waiting room entertainment and advertisement

Recent studies show that patients are waiting for too long, despite governmental expenditure being invested into reducing waiting time. Using elements of digital signage such as videos, images, RSS feeds, and social media streams can actively engage your patients, making those long waits feel that much shorter.

Waiting rooms act as an optimum situation to promote your hospital’s own services and products, whether it is a new wing that has opened or a new medicine that you have begun to provide. Furthermore, selling advertisement space to partners and sponsors can generate revenue for your hospital.

Improving internal communication

Hospitals employ hundreds of people and communicating department-to-department and wing-to-wing can prove to be challenging at best. Using digital signage is an effective platform for displaying internal communications and providing the latest staffing news. Perhaps a staff member is retiring, or one of the hospital’s wings has been temporarily shut down, digital signage is the ideal platform to relay this information to your employees.

Wayfinding kiosks

Following on from the difficulty of communicating in a hospital, there is also an inherent difficulty that lies in navigating your way around a hospital. Enter wayfinding as an engaging guide to a hospital. Rather than simply stating ‘you are here’, wayfinding maps out a specific route for you to follow in order to get from point A to point B.

Live analytics

Integrating live analytics software can have a tremendous impact on the operation of a hospital, helping improve its running and efficiency. Understanding the departments that receive the largest inflow and outflow of patients can help hospitals effectively distribute staff to where they are most needed. Furthermore, advanced screens that have eye-tracking and facial-recognition capabilities allow for the age and gender of patients to be ascertained. This allows for content to be targetted for the most appropriate audience, for example, you would not want to trigger content providing care home information to a wing that has predominantly young patients.

Digital signage in hospitals is a must for hospitals to function at their highest capacity in the 21st century.

digital signage in hospitals

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