7 Uses Of Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards improve customer experience and your reputation.

Restaurants print menus for everything. A customer sitting down to eat can find themselves handed separate menus for dinner, drinks, specials and deals. There are at least 7 reasons why you should reduce this paperwork in favour of digital signage.

1. Update Your Menu Easily

You’ve run out of one of your desserts. Your waitresses are having to apologise to every table. Digital menu boards allow you to minimise customer disappointment by displaying a polite alert informing customers and recommending something else.

2. Display Daily Specials

Traditionally in restaurants, a member of staff has to spend time in the morning chalking up a presentable specials board. Despite their best efforts, too often these boards prove difficult to read. With digital signage in your restaurant, the week’s specials can be scheduled remotely and in advance. You’ll be saving your staff time while increasing readability for your customers.

3. Show Different Menus Throughout The Day

More restaurants are opening for breakfast now and need a whole new menu. Digital signage makes life easier by updating throughout the day. An automated display avoids confusion for customers walking in late morning and wondering whether lunch has started.

4. Attract Passing Customers

If you’re a little known independent restaurant, you might have a hard time competing with household names like Nandos, especially in a busy shopping centre. Digital signage for restaurants is a great way to attract passing customers. Billboard-size images of your food will speak for themselves. An interactive display would allow customers to browse your menu without the pressure of coming inside.

5. Stream HD Quality Photos Of Your Food

As mentioned above, nothing will make someone want to eat in your restaurant more than seeing the food itself. The popularity of food related snaps on Instagram reflects our growing obsession. With digital slideshows of your real dishes, customers no longer need to second-guess what’s going to arrive on their plate. Being transparent and showing them your quality product up front will aid your reputation.

6. Show Off Your Restaurant Reviews

Your restaurant is really popular and everyone raves about your food. People are already telling their friends and your Facebook page boasts glowing reviews. Positive customer feedback is invaluable – you should show it off wherever you can. With digital signage for your restaurant, you can display quotes from happy customers outside to pull in customers. An interactive display is also an effective way to invite customers to leave feedback – even collecting constructive criticism will help you improve.

7. Offer Nutritional and Source Info

Restaurants are under increasing scrutiny today to display nutritional information and the sourcing of their produce. Listing calorie counts on your menu, however, can be off-putting. Who really wants to know that the chocolate brownie sundae they were going to order contains 1000 calories? With interactive screens, restaurants are able to subtly offer all the nutritional information regulations might require. The health conscious among your customers can click through and examine the nutrition counts and source info, without putting their fellow diners off.

Introducing digital menu boards in your restaurant will enhance efficiency, trade and ultimately customer satisfaction.

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