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Digital Signage Offer TrouDigital
Digital Signage Offer TrouDigital

Discover The Power Of

Digital Signage.

Through digital signage software, deploy and schedule powerful content to your network of screens in just a few clicks.

Cloud-based digital signage software enables you to control content for a single screen or a large number of screens no matter where you are.

Digital Signage Offer TrouDigital
Digital Signage Offer TrouDigital

A Turnkey Solution.

Get everything you need in one place. From digital signage hardware to software we have you covered. Ask about our content too.

Our software is easily scalable, meaning no matter the size of your project you’re in safe hands.

Digital Signage Offer TrouDigital

Powerful Software Anyone Can Use.

Drag and Drop Studio

A simple yet powerful drag and drop studio provides you with an effortless solution for creating and uploading digital signage content.

With our digital signage software, you can deploy or schedule content to go live on your screens in just a few clicks.

Digital Signage Offer TrouDigital

Software Features

Bring your screens to life with our fantastic range of features and widgets 

Digital Signage Offer TrouDigital

Social Media Integration

Showcase your social media onto your screen, including Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Digital Signage Offer TrouDigital

Photos & Videos

Upload your photos and videos to your content library ready for use across your account.
Digital Signage Offer TrouDigital

RSS News Feeds

Keep your audience up to date with news from around the world using RSS News Feeds.
Digital Signage Offer TrouDigital

Touch Screen Interaction

Take your digital signage one step further and utilise our touch integration with digital signage kiosks.

Digital Signage Offer TrouDigital

Live TV Integration

Captivate your audience through streaming live TV on your digital signage.

Digital Signage Offer TrouDigital


Save time and reduce your workload through digital signage scheduling.

Digital Signage Offer TrouDigital

Control a Network of Screens

Seamlessly control your network of screens from a central hub.

Digital Signage Offer TrouDigital

Live Calendars

Display your events through our popular calendar feature.

Digital Signage Offer TrouDigital

“TrouDigital supported the British Airways Global Learning Academy as part of a company-wide service training initiative. The screens and technology are high quality and are an amazing addition to our training environment but it was the service provided from TrouDigital that really stood out. From our first interactions, they were honest, knowledgeable and committed to getting our requirement right. They were supportive throughout every stage of the purchase and implementation and the interactive learning is proving popular with our target audience.”

Digital Signage Offer TrouDigital


Digital Signage Offer TrouDigital

Who Is Benefiting From Digital Signage?

Almost anyone can benefit from digital signage. A wide range of industries use the technology, whether it’s to communicate with staff, market to customers or generate advertising revenue. Below are just some of the sectors we already work with and how signage is used.

Digital signage for education allows schools, colleges and universities to display up-to-date information to engage students, staff and visitors. 


Health digital signage is popular in hospitals, dentists, pharmacies and vets. Information screens can be used to improve patient communication, reduce perceived waiting time and educate the public. Healthcare digital signage can also be a great medium for promoting healthcare products or advertising private treatments.


Digital signage for retail is popular amongst independent shops and shopping centres alike. Studies have shown digital signage in retail can increase sales by as much as 29.5%.


Digital signage has a variety of applications in the hospitality sector. Screens crop up in restaurants and hotels of all kinds to engage patrons.

Digital signage scheduling is highly popular within the hospitality industry. It allows organisations to schedule menus and welcome messages long in advance saving valuable time.


Digital signage is ideal for corporate internal communication. Popular in offices and other premises, it can be a great way to promote company values or display meeting room timetables.

In large corporate offices, digital wayfinding has proved to be a popular navigation solution. Through use of an interactive digital kiosk, staff and visitors alike can navigate large buildings with ease.


The entertainment industry spans everything from cinemas and theatres to casinos and sports venues.

Displays are often used for video and promotions. Digital signage in entertainment is great for enticing customers and guests with food and beverage offerings. 

Real Estate

Out of all the industries, real estate perhaps benefits the most from digital signage.

Installing screens in a window allows agents to automate the way they promote properties, avoiding a lot of manual work. Alternatively estate agents can showcase a virtual property walk-through in the window to lure potential buyers. 


You don’t have to be an advertising agency to benefit from digital signage. Anyone can generate a second source of income with a signage network.

Displaying local Ads on a digital signage screen at your organisation can provide a great source of income to invest back into the organisation.


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