Touch vs Static Digital Signage: The Sales Benefits For Estate Agents

May 26, 2016 | Digital Signage, Estate Agents

In the past year or so there has been a big shift towards using touch screen content in various environments, from Universities to retail environments – it gives the customer the ability to search for what they are looking for and not what you feed them.

Now how does this work for an estate agency?
For years estate agencies have used traditional print media to sell properties to good effect, but since the advent of portals like rightmove, zoopla, on the market, and how they work on mobile phones and tablets, things have changed.
The job of an estate agent has now become a consultative one. A visit to your office is a time to advise and guide a vendor through the process. The tools to do this are Touch vs Static Digital Signage: The Sales Benefits For Estate Agents TrouDigitalever increasing.
The Environment
More and more estate agents now opt for a lounge environment for their agencies to make the ‘sell’. A touchscreen based solution is an ideal tool to aid an agent.
Each touchscreen’s content can be customised which means we can tailor the content on the screen to match your agency’s sales process. By this we mean we can isolate property types quickly, favourite, compare, and view properties by location on a live map; then stamp on supplementary, beneficial information to help the prospect find the perfect property.
How it works?
Touch vs Static Digital Signage: The Sales Benefits For Estate Agents TrouDigitalWe work with various software providers to allow us to manipulate the data to work best for you. We can quickly isolate sales or lettings properties; properties in a particular area; as well as capture all the data you need about your prospect including all their search criteria, plus contact information.
The magic question!
Is it expensive? This is the question you’ll be asking, and the simple answer is… no. There has been such a large price drop in the cost of touch screens (the largest cost in the project), that this has become affordable for almost all estate agencies. We can work with you to make sure the content gives you the best possible opportunity to sell, whilst providing the design aesthetic required to make this a piece of art in your agency.

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