Touch Screen Software – Meet Our Latest Feature For Kiosks And Tablets!

Sep 5, 2017 | Digital Signage, Touch Screen

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

The demand for touch screen software has never been higher with interactive kiosks and tablets at the height of their popularity.

To cater for this, we are proud to announce a major upgrade to our studio editor – a new interactive touch widget.

Our new touch widget allows you to add interactive areas to your canvas where you can embed other creatives, clicking them to change the content displayed on a screen. For example, you might have a ‘special offer’ creative that you want to link to. Users can now click through to this creative from another and check out your deal. After a predefined period of time, the original creative will reappear and your playlist will resume where it left off. 

This new interactive feature is truly game-changing for tablets and kiosks.

Unlike other touch screen software, we have kept things as simple as possible. Design content in the same drag-and-drop studio editor you are familiar with, with no need to deploy alternative or additional software (which is often more expensive). Customise the size of the area you wish to make ‘touchable’ and then simply choose a ‘target creative’ to embed within your design. All that’s left to do is to designate a ‘target duration’ – the set period of time after which you want your original creative and playlist to resume. (Note: when touch widgets are triggered inside one another, the end of this duration marks a return to the initial creative in the chain.)


  • Creative 1 has two touch widgets: one widget points to Creative 2 (duration: 15 seconds) and another widget points to Creative 3 (duration: 15 seconds); Creative 2 has a touch widget that points to Creative 4 (duration: 20 seconds).
  • Imagine this is running on an interactive kiosk, a user touches the first widget on Creative 1, loading Creative 2. Should they wait 15 seconds (the duration of Creative 2), they will return to Creative 1.
  • However, if in less than those 15 seconds, they trigger the touch widget in Creative 2, they will be taken to Creative 4. After the duration of 20 seconds in Creative 4, they will be taken back immediately to the first creative in the chain, in this example, Creative 1. 

At TrouDigital, we strive to spark and facilitate our users’ ever impressive creativity.

This one simple widget opens the door to a whole new type of content.
With the functionality to divide a creative into multiple interactive areas, users will be able to deploy touchable tiles to achieve a menu-like effect. This will be ideal for reception welcome screens, perfect for wayfinding kiosks, and handy on tablets acting as interactive catalogues to display products. Look no further for touch screen software!
Touch Screen Software - Meet Our Latest Feature For Kiosks And Tablets! TrouDigital

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