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Top 3 Ways To Use Digital Signage for Visual Identity

Nov 27, 2019 | Advertising, Digital Signage, Hardware

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

Possessing a strong visual identity is paramount in your brand standing out amongst its competitors. Visual identity will allow your brand to utilise and experiment with various means of communication and branding to help convey your brand’s messages and values. There is a host of ways companies are executing effective visual identity, such as through the way their buildings are desinged and coloured. Lately, digital signage has started to play a large role in companies visual identity. Visual identity digital signage has changed the game. From branded screens and video kiosks, to large video walls that wow your customers. Visual Identity digital signage is something you won’t want to miss.

Top 3 Ways To Use Digital Signage for Visual Identity TrouDigital

What is Visual Identity?

So what is visual identity? Visual identity is all about people’s perception of your brand. For example, the colours, shapes, and building designs that represent your brand image and values. When potential customers see certain designs, you want them to think about your brand. Unique colours may trigger you to think of a particular brand, for example, a certain blue may prompt thoughts of Facebook. The link between visual identity and our perception of brands is fostered by brand consistency, keeping up with the latest trends, and standing out from your competitors. Visual identity is paramount to businesses success and should be considered in all marketing activities.  

Top 3 Ways To Use Digital Signage for Visual Identity TrouDigital

1. Video Walls for Visual Identity

Video walls are a futuristic spectacle that take visual identity to the next level. There are so many examples of how video walls have been used by brands to promote products, advertise, and even promote their brand values. People are often amazed by the visual possibilities of videos walls. They are regularly shared on social media and have gone viral in some cases. There are so many applications for video walls to help increase your visual identity. Having multiple connected displays allow for dynamic content that flows seamlessly from screen to screen.  To ensure that your digital signage heightens the sense of visual identity, you must make sure that the content of your video wall is consistent with your surrounding marketing materials and brand colours. 

If you’re interested in utilising one of our excellent video walls to enhance your visual identity contact the team today.

Top 3 Ways To Use Digital Signage for Visual Identity TrouDigital

2. Digital Posters for Visual Identity

In a world saturated by print media for brand identity, you need something that helps you stand out and this is where digital posters come in. Digital posters are an element of digital signage that allows for dynamic content to be displayed in an extremely attractive manner. Traditional, static posters haven’t stood the test of time and have quickly begun to fade into the background of business environments. This is something that’s best avoided as posters are there to inform and excite customers about what’s on offer. Digital signage can modernise the content that would have been displayed on a poster. Dynamic videos, sound and animations can be integrated to draw the customer to your products in a way that isn’t possible with posters. This will really boost your visual identity as you can display similar consistent promotions to customers. Not only will this increase familiarity with your brand, it will increase your visual identity, through the consistency of your visual brand aspects.

For more information on the wide range of uses from digital posters, contact the team today.

Top 3 Ways To Use Digital Signage for Visual Identity TrouDigital

TV screen mockup in a restaurant

3. Digital Signage Branding

So far this article has only discussed the content on screens but what about the screen itself? The great thing about digital signage is that screens are fully customisable. For example, your digital displays can be placed within a casing that contains your brand colours, designs and logos to demonstrate your visual identity. Ensuring consistency between the content and the screens ensures that customers feel familiar with their surroundings. A good example of this is Coca Cola vending machines. As soon as you see the Coca Cola red, you know what’s on offer and immediately feel familiar. Physical customisation of your digital signage allows for visual identity to be maintained when posters are updated to digital media.

Top 3 Ways To Use Digital Signage for Visual Identity TrouDigital

Digital signage can play a vital role in promoting an organisation’s visual identity. There are many options available for all industries and sectors. If you’re looking to boost your visual identity contact the team today

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