How simple is estate agent digital signage?

Feb 8, 2017 | Digital Signage, Estate Agents

Every week estate agents ask us this question.

They ring us out of the blue, excited by the prospect of going digital and boosting their sales. But often they can be a little skeptical.

They have seen how nice our property displays look and assume it’s going to be difficult and time-consuming. We love explaining the reality. Within a week we can have their own property feeds up on screens – branded to their agency – and often we do!

So how does it work?

There are three simple aspects to estate agent digital signage: integration, design and hardware. We take care of all three. All an agency really needs to do is send an email and plug in a device(s) – but we’ll get onto that.

How simple is estate agent digital signage? TrouDigital

Property data feed integration

The secret to our interactive sales screens is our capability to integrate with your existing property software. Most agencies use a platform like Expert Agent to maintain a property database where they can add new property information and images, as well as remove sold stock. TrouDigital are able to take this information, reformat it as a webpage and then display it with other content on our property displays.
With one email (we’ll even send you a template!), agencies can request an XML feed from their software provider. Platforms like Expert Agent are used to working with us so will happily oblige. Alternatively, we can try and find the feed for you through portals like Rightmove and Zoopla. Once we’ve obtained this feed, the only technical part of screen set up is over. We’ll create a webpage from it that looks great when it’s sent to your screen(s)!

Branded screen design

Design is a fundamental part of successful estate agent digital signage. In additional to displaying property feeds full screen, the TrouDigital solution allows agencies to add other content slides to their screen playlists. Popular elements include an agency’s Twitter feed, promotional videos, staff profiles and special offers. Twitter integration is particularly useful because it allows agencies to update messaging on their screens, real-time, without having to log into the signage software. Tweets that celebrate recently sold properties or profiles that welcome new staff really impress.
The TrouDigital content creation studio is designed with the non-specialist end-user in mind – anyone can put together great looking screen designs in minutes using our menu of drag-and-drop widgets. But when you are just getting started, we’ll do the designing for you. Simply by looking at your website (copying your logo, colour scheme, even font choice) our team of graphic designers create you bespoke templates for your screens. As part of the package, all initial content will be provided for you to your specification. That means you can be up and running straight away.

Android media player

This brings us finally to the hardware component of estate agent digital signage and the easiest stage. TrouDigital property displays are powered by plug-in media players: our device of choice being an Android Micro PC. When you sign up to our estate agent package (which is only £45/month per screen), we’ll send you an Android Micro PC for each of your screens free of charge. These powerful computers cost upwards of £100-150!
Your devices will arrive pre-programmed with our signage software, configured to do the job. All you need to do is plug them into the back of your screens via HDMI. To load your content, simply log in with the account details we provide you and press GO!

The answer: estate agent digital signage is very easy. Going digital has never been simpler with TrouDigital taking the hassle out of upgrading.

How simple is estate agent digital signage? TrouDigital
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