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Aug 10, 2018 | Corporate, Digital Signage, Small Business

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

With computers and phones almost being as accessible as water, internal communication within business has, no doubt, become far easier. Although many would consider this a good thing, it has actually had an adverse effect on employee engagement, with 68% of employees being disengaged at work.

Being bombarded with monotonous emails, having to use a rather discomforting intranet, or receiving lacklustre praise for good work, all play a part in why disengagement is surprisingly high.

Don’t worry though, there is a new and refreshing way to start recapturing employee engagement, and that is through the utilisation of internal communication screens.


Creatively Communicate

Internal Communication Screens - Spread The Word TrouDigital

With emails having such a simple and limited format, creativity will always be restricted. This causes emails, even those with more exciting news, to fall short of generating the desired response, if any response at all. Those who put in the effort to send these emails not only waste their time but can also end up feeling deflated themselves. With 93% of comms experts saying creativity is important for internal communication, it’s vital to maximise it.
Fortunately, emails aren’t the only way to effectively distribute critical information across a business. With the installation of internal communication screens, achievements, events, competitions, even the photos from the office Christmas party, can all be displayed in a unique and engaging way. The benefits of these screens aren’t just limited to improving the aesthetic of crucial information either. A recent study found that productivity increases by 20-25% when organisations connect with their employees.
And we all know what that means. An increase in productivity from employees will directly increase the revenue of the business. In fact, this level of increase in productivity has the potential to generate over £1 trillion!

Manage Centrally

Those overseeing larger business environments are probably familiar with the difficulty of controlling exactly when key information will reach its target. Whether it’s someone being off sick or on holiday, employees not having constant access to their emails, or even the aforementioned disengagement. These are all potential factors for why it can be so difficult.
As internal communication screens can be managed from one central location, these factors are no longer an issue. Updating the messages that are being displayed on the screen is almost instantaneous, regardless of the screen’s whereabouts. Pair this with large, high-bright screens in an unmissable location, you can be confident that employees are always up-to-date with the latest information.
There is even the added benefit of providing access, both full and restricted, to other trusted colleagues. This encourages further engagement, other than just the screen itself, as they can create and display their own team-orientated content.
Internal Communication Screens - Spread The Word TrouDigital

Plan Ahead

A redeeming quality regarding emails is that there are applications available that schedule emails for particular dates. Coordinating dates far in advance alleviates the pressure of having to constantly remember to send them, as well as saving time in the long run.
Scheduling, however, is not exclusive to emails. Internal communication screens also have this function built into their software, along with the prior benefits already listed.  So, you can easily integrate these screens into your daily, weekly, or monthly internal comms routine.

Starting recapturing your employee’s engagement with a free web demo.


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