The Digital Signage Kiosk – Technology Standing For Superior Customer Service

Aug 4, 2017 | Digital Signage

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

What’s more engaging than a digital signage screen? A digital signage kiosk.

Sometimes our clients want more than a network of screens or even an LED video wall. On these occasions, we suggest the digital signage kiosk. Especially if their goal is enhanced customer service.

Digital receptionist

Investing in a digital signage kiosk is like employing a digital receptionist 24/7 who is always there to warmly welcome visitors, prospects or customers. Popular locations for kiosks include reception areas and lobbies at hotels or offices. Guests or visitors can be greeted as they enter a building, assuring them they have come to the right place. If a special event is taking place, messaging can be customised to welcome specific individuals or attendees, for example, to a conference. Instructions such as how to check-in or find their meeting might also be conveyed. Receiving this information instantly without the need to queue or speak to anyone is often greatly appreciated. 
A similarly useful application for a digital signage kiosk is registration. Kiosks are popular in waiting rooms at hospitals, dentists and surgeries for this purpose. Practice users can register for their appointments upon arrival on a touchscreen interface. This makes the process a lot more efficient and helps to reduce pressure on reception staff and cut queues. 

The Digital Signage Kiosk - Technology Standing For Superior Customer Service TrouDigital

Interactive catalogue

If you live in the UK, you probably know what an Argos catalogue is. There remains an appeal to the idea of walking into a shop, searching a catalogue without having to speak to anyone or hunt around, finding the product you want and walking away with it then and there. Digital signage kiosks take this interaction into the 21st century. Touchscreen kiosks equipped with product search functionality allow users to browse stock with ease. Unlike with a traditional catalogue, they can be used to preview different versions, colours and sizes of a product to better inform the buying process. 
Environments where this technology proves particularly valuable include in estate agencies and car dealerships. A digital signage kiosk displaying a reel of properties invites prospects to independently look through ads without the commitment of sitting down with an agent. Similarly, kiosks adjacent to cars in a showroom can be utilised to depict alternative models, specifications and colours to vendors. Given the limited amount of space in retail environments – especially dealerships – this can have a huge impact on engaging customers. 

The Digital Signage Kiosk - Technology Standing For Superior Customer Service TrouDigital

Wayfinding tool

An extremely practical use of a digital signage kiosk is wayfinding. The same monitor welcoming visitors to reception might be programmed to offer wayfinding assistance. This can range from simple directional instructions to fully interactive route-drawing solutions. Providing information and directions to public transport connections is a popular option, whether deployed in a hotel lobby or at shopping centre exits. 
Internal wayfinding is especially useful as Google Maps is unable, for example, to locate a particular company within an office block. Deploying wayfinding kiosks in the foyer of buildings can positively shape a visitor’s experience and improve the efficiency of event or meeting schedules. Innovative kiosks allow users to interact using their phone and take away instructions with them – a simple alternative would be taking a picture!

The digital signage kiosk introduces a host of applications for a number of sectors. It is a great investment for any business or organisation concerned with providing outstanding customer service.

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