How To Use Digital Signage In Care Homes

Jun 18, 2019 | Digital Signage, Healthcare

The Benefits of Digital Signage for Residents, Staff and Visitors in Care and Nursing Homes

Our loved ones deserve the best in a care or nursing home. Digital signage helps deliver the best. Screens have long been utilised at hospitals to convey information. Digital signage in care homes is the next step in modernising and rejuvenating healthcare. A goal that is increasingly important given that there is an expected 36% growth in persons aged 85+ between 2015 and 2025, furthering the pressure on this sector.

Digital Signage Enhances Resident Care

Wellbeing Encouragement

When it comes to reaching an audience that isn’t as mobile as it once was, or perhaps suffers from bad hearing, visual communication is key. Digital signage in care homes can be used as an aid for delivering care to patients. Many patients, for example, might have been encouraged by their doctors to perform mobility exercises. Screens around the nursing home can be used to show exercise videos or images that guide patients. With the help of exercise videos, private exercise routines can be transformed into an energising in-home yoga class.
Digital signage has an incredible role to play with dementia care too. One of the hardest things about looking after dementia patients is their memory loss. Challenges range from making repetitive conversation to obstacles like wayfinding and environmental confusion. Digital displays can act as visual reminders to assist with the daily life of dementia suffers. From helping them to remember details about their loved ones and their daily schedule to finding locations like the bathroom. A screen located in each room can also show a slideshow of images depicting family and friends for a personal touch.

Entertainment Value

Digital signage in care homes also enhances patient care by providing an entertainment platform. A common gripe for residents is the battle over the TV remote. Care homes bring together people from all walks of life with fundamentally different interests. Digital screens offer another way to entertain residents, whether it’s through news feeds, video or even computer games. Gamification is already proving to be a game changer in healthcare with games able to assist pain management through distraction. The ability to curate videos, even pulling them in through YouTube, gives staff a greater chance to shape residents’ experience. This might mean showing trailers for upcoming film nights or travel guides for day-trips on the calendar.
Our platform also now supports live TV which allows home managers to overlay the shows residents would already be watching with important information like event schedules and food menus. This could be shown on a ‘Sky News style’ banner across the bottom or top of the screen.

How To Use Digital Signage In Care Homes TrouDigital

Digital Signage Helps You Communicate With Staff

The benefits of digital signage in care homes are not limited to your residents. Screens in break-rooms, lounges and staff work areas allow you to effectively communicate with your staff. Digital signage can be used to display hourly task schedules so everyone knows their responsibilities for the day. As well as improving efficiency and structure, screens can convey medical information to your staff. Displays that educate carers on medicine, patient handling or emergency procedures will only make their lives easier, giving them greater confidence at their job.
The ability to remotely update a network of displays allows management who might be located elsewhere to communicate effectively with care staff 24/7. It also assists with shift change-overs. Those starting a night shift at a home can be left with instructions in a more reliable way than handwriting notes that can be easily missed. The more staff feel informed and equipped to do their job, the better the standard of care you can provide.

Digital Signage Offers Guidance To Your Visitors

Finally, digital signage in care homes benefits your visitors. For many, visiting loved ones in a home can be a pleasant but difficult experience. Time spent with family is often too rare. It’s important that care homes cater to visitors, allowing them to make the most of their visits.
On a very basic level, digital signage in care homes improves this experience by offering wayfaring information. Providing directions around the home, particularly in larger facilities, ensures that no valuable time is wasted. The same screen welcoming visitors in the reception could present essential hygiene information such as visitors needing to wash their hands. Care homes often run events for their residents and guests like day trips out, as well as competitions like raffles. Digital screens are an effective way of advertising these events as they can be updated regularly to keep up with the home’s busy schedule, saving paper on posters and fliers.
When going into hospital, even for a short stay, you expect to be provided with first class facilities. Residency in care homes should be no different. Digital signage for nursing and care homes enhances communication for all in order to aid the care of residents.

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