5 Benefits of Digital Signage for Tanning Salons

Jul 30, 2018 | Beauty, Digital Signage, Leisure, Retail

Digital signage for tanning salons, despite England having one of the warmest summers on record, is still an effective way to entice tanning enthusiasts to keep their tan topped up throughout the year.

Whether it’s a new promotion you want to advertise, or perhaps you want to focus on expanding the reach of your social media, digital screens are the hottest new medium for spreading the word.

Here we countdown 5 glowing benefits of digital signage for tanning salons:

Advertise Effectively

For the long periods of the year when the sunlight is lacking, it’s important to keep your current and potential customers in the loop with your latest offers. Generally, the most common way to do this is either through social media or static images on a street-facing window. The drawbacks to social media is that it can be rather ineffective and expensive when your following is on the smaller side, and so the return on your promotions is minimal. As for static images, not only do they need to be changed every few months to keep up with the latest offers, they have been proven to be inferior to digital screens. In a recent study, 88% of people claimed they were attracted to the creative content on a digital screen, with 71% claiming they remembered it longer than traditional static images.
Using digital screens within your business is the answer to these issues. In addition to being able to creatively display your latest offers, you can fully integrate your social media onto your digital screen, allowing you to both attract footfall and increase your social media presence. Combining this with the fact that you can instantly change the content on your screen from one central location, the benefit of digital signage for tanning salons is already very clear.

Schedule Marketing Campaigns in Advance

5 Benefits of Digital Signage for Tanning Salons TrouDigital

With the advancements in digital signage technology, you no longer have to rush to create and deploy a marketing campaign in time for a festive or holiday period. The introduction of scheduling allows you to manage your time far more effectively. By allocating pieces of content to play in as far in advance as you would like, those quieter periods of business can now be put to good use.
Once the festive or holiday period has ended, you can then easily return to your original rotation of content, which is stored within the cloud.

Share Customer Reviews

When building a recognisable tanning salon brand expensive advertisements have their place, but nothing can make or break a brand quite like word-of-mouth.
Customers who are proud in their purchase of a good product or service are quick to share it with their friends, or leave reviews online, such as on Google or the tanning salon’s Facebook or Twitter. In today’s world, testimonials and online ratings can be the deciding factor for shoppers when choosing between various tanning locations.
By installing digital screens within your tanning salon, either in the salon itself or in front of a street-facing window, you can benefit from this opportunity. You can display testimonials made in-store alongside images to show off your services, or even creatively display your best Google and Facebook reviews, increasing the burning desire for passersby to enter the salon.

5 Benefits of Digital Signage for Tanning Salons TrouDigitalBuild and Customise Your Network

As your business grows, adding additional screens to your network couldn’t be easier.
With our cloud-based solution, you can effortlessly create a multitude of screens and directly control the content displayed on them. Put simply, you can tailor and deploy specific marketing content, social media accounts, and location-specific information (live weather and news) to be displayed on an individual screen or one within a group. This gives you complete control of what content is being shown on which screen, meaning your content is always relevant to the local customers using your services.

Advertise Products or Other Local Businesses

The final reason for opting for digital signage in your tanning salon is one that many business owners tend to not even consider.
If your tanning salon is popular or located in a busy area for footfall, you could make for a very attractive advertising platform. The digital screens that are present within the salon can be used as advertising space by local businesses or other businesses that sell tanning related products. This can strengthen relationships with other local business owners, whilst also expanding each other’s clientele.
By charging a small fee for an advert to be displayed on your screen(s), digital signage for tanning salons can actually provide a new stream of revenue, which will then reduce or even completely mitigate the cost of your license fee.

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