Digital Signage for Dentists During the Pandemic

Aug 24, 2020 | Dentistry

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way organisations operate and dental practices are no exception. Since reopening after the lengthy lock-down period, dental practices have been introducing new technologies and processes. This includes air purifiers, additional hand sanitisers, perspex screens, and much more. 

Due to the nature of the pandemic, waiting rooms for dentists are not being used as often. This has been done in an effort to encourage social distancing and slow the spread of the virus. However, dental practices have been using digital screens and digital signage outside their waiting rooms to ensure they communicate effectively with patients.

Here are some of the fantastic ways that dental practices are using screens to promote their treatments and ensure patient safety…

Bringing Business Back

Many practices were shut for weeks during the lock-down period, which seriously impacted the dental industry as a whole. Even after lock-down measures were lifted and dental practices were allowed to reopen, only the most important treatments got the go-ahead. However, as the number of COVID-19 cases has started to level off, dental practices are now looking to promote cosmetic treatments to help them bounce back from the challenging lock-down period. 

The most common method has been advertising cosmetic treatments in the dental practice’s window. Digital signage for dentists provides an additional channel to catch the eyes of passersby and patients that are coming into the practice.  By placing dynamic content like before and after photos on a screen in the practice window, people can see the value of treatments and may be more likely to come into the practice.

If there’s one thing that truly speaks to people, it’s results.  

A great way to encourage potential patients to get in touch is to include an on-screen offer. For example, a dental practice could have “Quote SCREENTEETH20 to get 20% off your teeth whitening” displayed on the screen. This could be combined with a timer that makes the offer “time-sensitive”, encouraging potential patients to get in touch.

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Digital Hand Sanitisers

Due to the pandemic, the patient experience regarding dental practices has changed massively. As we’ve mentioned, this includes perspex screens, floor markings and additional hand sanitisers. However, digital signage for dentists has given dental practices new and modern ways to promote good hygiene whilst improving the patient experience. 

This is where dentists have started to implement digital hand sanitisers in entrances or in the lobbies of their practices. Digital hand sanitisers have opened up new possibilities for dental practices to encourage proper hand-hygiene, promote treatments, and much more.

Due to digital hand sanitisers being electronic, getting a pump of hand sanitiser is completely contactless. This heavily reduces surface contact in your dental practice, which can help slow the spread of germs and viruses. Subsequently, when a patient activates the hand sanitiser, content can be triggered to play on screen. This can be a great place to up-sell cosmetic treatments or oral hygiene products. Whilst patients are using the hand sanitiser, the patient is fully engaged with the screen. 

Digital Signage for Dentists During the Pandemic TrouDigital

Keep Information Up-To-Date

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up the way in which dental practices operate. From new opening times and wearing face masks to what treatments are available. With all this new information it is important that your patients know exactly what they need to do to ensure a smooth visit.

Posters and paper-based material have often done a great job in conveying this information to patients. However, with so much information to promote, dentists are looking to more efficient solutions.

This is where digital signage for dentists come in. Using digital signage for dentists, all of this relevant information can be easily displayed and quickly updated on a digital screen. With government guidelines and information changing almost daily, being able to update the screen at the click of a button is extremely useful for dentists. 

Digital Signage for Dentists During the Pandemic TrouDigital

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