5 Uses For Lobby Digital Signage In Reception Areas

Apr 8, 2019 | Corporate

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

Making The Right Impression

Lobbies can be a crucial meeting point between your customers and your business. The lobby is likely the first place your customer walks in to so the first impression is vital in maintaining their satisfaction and even their business. Lobby digital signage can completely modernise a reception area and assist customers in finding out the information they need. Whether that means finding their way around the building or checking in at a hotel, digital signage has you covered.

1) Wayfinding

New buildings can be daunting places for new customers or clients who are not familiar with where they need to go – especially if you are running late.

It can make them feel lost and can even make them feel silly that they don’t know where to go automatically. Using a digital signage kiosk with an integrated wayfinding map completely removes this problem and allows the customer to navigate the building with ease, in-turn increasing their satisfaction. This is crucial for interview candidates as you will want the candidate to be on-time and feeling confident so that you are getting the best representation of them possible.

5 Uses For Lobby Digital Signage In Reception Areas TrouDigital

2) Checking In

Businesses such as hotels may check in hundreds of guests a day. In such a busy environment in a field that thrives on guest satisfaction, you don’t want to be holding these customers up with waiting in line. This can leave them feeling irritated and unsatisfied.

A digital kiosk can allow the guest to cut out their wait time by checking in themselves. This can also be a bonus to the hotel if they find they are short staffed as the guests can take that nuisance away themselves. A self-check-in kiosk can be a benefit to guests who have had long days of meetings or travel – they may just want to check in and go to bed without having any human interaction.

5 Uses For Lobby Digital Signage In Reception Areas TrouDigital

3) Promoting Company Ventures

Companies are always doing exciting things that they want people to know about. Whether this is charity work, new discoveries or changes within the business.

For example, a company may be launching a ‘go green scheme’. To properly launch the scheme and get everybody involved they will want to expose as many employees and customers to it as possible. An attractive digital screen can display infographics for what they would like people to do to get involved. From bringing in their own coffee cups to making sure everyone switches lights off whenever possible.

Alternatively, a company may want to promote the amazing charity work they are doing, showcasing case studies of how everyone’s work is helping others and making a difference. Digital screens are great and attractive way to keep everybody informed and up to date on what the company is doing.

4) Entertainment

Sometimes waiting rooms can be boring places for those waiting. The literature can seem outdated and people are just staring at the seconds hand, waiting for it to make a pass around the clock.

Digital signage is a fantastic way to keep your customers entertained and engaged. Through our signage software, you can cherry-pick videos that you want to play to your customers. Whether it’s funny YouTube videos, videos about the company or music videos. You can embed them into our studio and watch them play back in real time. This is especially good for children’s waiting rooms where you can play videos of Pepper Pig or Bob The Builder to keep them all happy.

5 Uses For Lobby Digital Signage In Reception Areas TrouDigital

5) Social Media

Digital screens are a great method to display your social media activity to your customers. When they are waiting they will be able to see what the company is up to and what others are saying about it. This can be a brilliant opportunity to showcase what other customers are saying through pleasant reviews and feedback, through a live Twitter feed.

It’s a great way to encourage customers to get involved in social media campaigns as you can ask them to tweet or write in to give their opinion or a rating on a product, service or venture.

5 Uses For Lobby Digital Signage In Reception Areas TrouDigital

In summary, lobby digital signage can serve a variety of valuable functions that will help your company make a great first impression. To modernise your reception area, get in touch with us today.

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