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Nov 12, 2021 | Advertising

Paul Jellicoe

Paul Jellicoe

Digital signage trucks aren’t something you see every day. However, more organisations are using them to acquire brand recognition for their business and extend marketing campaigns to remote locations.

The use of signage on trucks can also offer direct messaging as well allowing a business to market its services in a subtle way that gains the attention of passers-by. 

In the past, signage on trucks would be static (just a paper poster). This caused issues of limited content changes and content flexibility. Digital signage truck advertisers could only show one ad at a time and required a lot of effort to replace the single ad that existed. This lead to others thinking of more user-friendly solutions that allowed advertisers to get the most out of their truck billboards…

Digital Signage Trucks Explained

Digital signage trucks are also known as billboard trucks, mobile billboards, and LED trucks. However, all terms refer to an iteration of digital signage placed on the side of a van or truck as opposed to being stationary.

The truck then travels via a route that has been strategically defined to ensure that the marketing or message has the desired impact among those viewing the content. In some cases, these trucks can also be parked in a given location, to capture foot or car traffic of those passing by.

Digital Signage Trucks | Mobile Digital Signage TrouDigital

Advantages of Digital Signage Trucks

When new technology is unveiled, it is understandable why some consider it as nothing more than novelty. Fortunately, the steps being taken in the digital signage industry are only improving what options are available for businesses and professionals when promoting their message.

1. Huge Audience Potential

One of the most alluring aspects of digital signage trucks is the ability to place the signage where the crowds are. For example, those wanting to appeal to those interested in sports could place digital signage trucks at popular events to leverage the benefits of the crowd attending.

Similarly, those wanting to promote an event in a proactive way can do so with ease with a digital signage truck. Regardless of the audience, you want to capture, you can be confident that there is a digital signage solution available. 

Digital Signage Trucks | Mobile Digital Signage TrouDigital

2. Total Control of Content

Thanks to being a digital form of communication, digital signage trucks can be controlled via digital signage software. This gives the user full control of what adverts are playing, how long for, and where. 

Users are able to fully automate their advert deployment with advanced scheduling features. This allows users to set content to play up to years in advance.

Digital signage trucks can visit several locations with ease, meaning that an organisation does not have limitations in place when promoting a product or service or offering information.

As well as being flexible regarding location, the use of LED trucks will also ensure that the message can be tailored and be relevant to the location, without requiring a costly and time-consuming redesign. 

Digital Signage Trucks | Mobile Digital Signage TrouDigital

3. Make Brand Recognition Seamless

On paper, brand recognition is a straightforward concept. However, implanting strategies regarding brand recognition can be challenging. Fortunately, making potential customers aware of your brand is made easier when using digital signage trucks.

Brand recognition is often attributed to visual and audio cues. Digital signage can offer a lot of benefits regarding the content being displayed, but the use of digital signage trucks can ensure that promotion of the brand can be carried out in areas where signage is not prevalent.

The use of mobile digital signage is also ideal for events and pop-up shops and is a fantastic way of ensuring the brand and its messages are always clearly displayed to the masses.

Digital Signage Trucks | Mobile Digital Signage TrouDigital

4. No Print Costs

In a world with a neutral goal of using fewer trees, organisations are searching for more ways to get rid of paper channels whilst operating more efficiently. Meetings are now remote, memos are on Slack or email, and posters are being placed with screens.

For the digital signage truck, it’s not just the trees going digital is saving. Using software to display and deploy content are having a noticeable impact on print costs and content deployment times.

With a static (paper) billboard truck time to change content must be considered. Each time the user needs to make changes to the content there’s a lengthy process. Content needs to be designed, printed, shipped. Then the old content needs to be removed and disposed of. Finally, the new content installed. With digital signage trucks, the user presses update and the new content appears. 

Digital Signage Trucks | Mobile Digital Signage TrouDigital

What Are the Digital Signage Truck Advertising Rates?

The flexible nature of digital signage trucks often means there is no set cost. The cost of advertising on a digital signage truck will vary. Aspects such as how long the truck is on the road, as well as the distance, travelled. There are other aspects to consider too. For example, advertising rates will increase with footfall and peak times of the day. However, will fall in more remote locations. 

In terms of the ads themselves, users can charge based on the time the advert is shown. It is also popular to sell pre-agreed slot times.

How Effective is Mobile Digital Signage?

When measuring the success of digital signage, there are many things to consider. What type of vehicle will be used? Has research been carried out regarding potential capture areas? Are you aware of how the technology works?

Although this can all sound daunting, especially to first-timers, taking some time to ascertain your goals will ensure that you get the very best out of digital signage.

The message being displayed needs to connect with viewers in a way that develops recalls. Research has shown that 97% of people have recalled mobile advertising. This means that those viewing the digital signage are more likely to remember the content when compared to other forms of advertising.

Additionally, 40% of shoppers state that digital signage has altered their buying habits.

Mobile digital signage can be very effective when used in the right way. Plan your goals, content, and deployment location will ensure a successful project.

We’ve written a blog on some ways you can measure your digital signage success.

Digital Signage Trucks | Mobile Digital Signage TrouDigital

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